EDUCON2020 27–30 April, 2020,  Porto, Portugal

EDUCON2020 27–30 April, 2020,  Porto, Portugal

Welcome to Porto

Known as the 'Cidade Invicta', Porto gave Portugal name and it is his second largest city. Located in the north of Portugal, it is on the right side bank of the River Douro while in the left side bank there is another city named Vila Nova de Gaia.

Porto has several historical monuments and it is internationally known for its port wine, bridges and its old and contemporary architecture. Its historical center has been a UNESCO World Heritage.

The city of Porto is also a center of educational and research excellence centers served by many institutions like the Polytechnic of Porto, one of the biggest institutions of Portugal where the School of Engineering (ISEP) belongs.

Porto has a diverse range of cultural and sports facilities, green spaces, public transport network (STCP-buses) and metro system, hospitals and local health units, clinics, pharmacies, etc.

Porto was voted as the Best European Destination in 2012 by the European Consumers Association.


The Portuguese is the native language, but most of the population speaks English and easily understand the Castellano language, since Portugal has a close relation with its neighbor Spain.


Usually from Monday to Friday most of the population has a routine working day from 8’00 to 19’00, which means that the rush hours are from 7’00 to 10’00 and from 18’00 to 20’00. Stores are usually open during all the day, while big molls can be open from 9’00 until 23’00.

Saturday and Sunday days are usually devoted for rest, which means that there are less traffic on the streets. But, in most of these days, shops are open, facilitating therefore the quality of life in the city.

Some places to visit

There are several places to visit in Porto and in its neighbor city of Gaia, since both cities are near, only separated by the Douro River.

You can find all information of Porto here (a href="" target="_blank"> and we suggest you to download the Porto City Break and the Travel Info of Porto maps.

You can find all the information of Gaia here ( and you can download the Gaia City Map.

Getting to ISEP

Porto is well served by many public transports allowing visitors to easily move inside the city. Beside Taxis, Ubers, Buses and Railways, Porto has a subway that covers most of the important places in the city, allowing visitors easily go to the neighbor city of Gaia. As indicated in the picture, visitors that comes from the Airport to ISEP (and vice versa) can easily use the path covered by Magenta and Yellow subway lines.

More information about public transports can be found here:

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